Junior Gents U-14 Compound – Outdoor Metric/WA Rounds

Classification Scores

Round Name3rd2nd1stJ BmnJMB
Metric I2664786348731092
Metric II3606107699811160
Metric III59783896611211249
Metric IV88910661150--
Metric V10661190---
Long Metric (Gentlemen)41108175310-
Long Metric (Ladies) / I82186272409-
Long Metric II140269356475-
Long Metric III231369445536-
Long Metric IV356473528--
Long Metric V490567---
Short Metric (G/L/I)184292362464-
Short Metric II220341413--
Short Metric III366469---
Short Metric IV533----
Short Metric V-----
WA 1440 Gents2264015387741026
WA 1440 Ladies2664786348731092
WA 1440 Cdt Ladies3606107699811160
WA 900236400500631-
WA 70m61150232374-
WA 60m103222312443-
WA 50m 80cm87181256381-

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