The recognised dress of Archery GB is plain dark green and/or white.

Footwear that fully encloses the toes and front of the foot must be worn at all times when shooting.

Members of Archery GB shooting and officiating at tournaments granted UK or World Record Status by Archery GB are required to wear clothing that is appropriate, clean, in good condition (ie not frayed or worn, either deliberately or by use) and conventional in style and appearance.

In particular:

Tops or shirts must cover the front and back of the body (including the midriff when at full draw), they must not be strapless and, for gentlemen, must include sleeves.

Any colour garments may be worn with the exception of blue denim, olive drab and camouflage pattern.

Badges, Logos and Wording

Clothing manufacturers’ trademarks are allowed; The wearer’s name is allowed.

Individuals, and members of clubs and other archery organisations that are commercially sponsored may wear sponsors’ logos and names during the sponsorship period only.

Other wording or badges on clothing must represent archery organisations.

Members of Archery GB who are officiating as the Chairman of Judges, Judge or Director of Shooting at a UK or World Record Status tournament shall wear Archery GB recognised Judges official dress.

A member of Archery GB who has represented Great Britain (GBR) as an archer at an international tournament may wear their international shooting uniform for the remainder of that season and the following one.


[Extracted from the Archery GB Rules of Shooting. For more information visit the Archery GB website.]