Welcome to the website for the Herefordshire Archery Association. We are home to three Archery GB affiliated archery clubs which you can read more about on the archery clubs in herefordshire page.

Getting into Archery

If you are looking to get into archery, you will first need to go on a beginners course. Two of our clubs run these courses regularly throughout the year.

Upcoming Beginners Courses

Bromyard Bowmen and Ledbury Archery Club hold beginners courses regularly throughout the year.   The next course dates will be posted on this page as soon as they are known.

Our beginners course page gives you a more detailed explanation of what to expect to cover on a course including bow types, shooting a recurve bow and archery safety. Successfully completing a beginners course will allow you to join any Archery GB affiliated club in the country.


As a beginner, we urge you not to go and buy any archery equipment at this stage. The good news is that on a beginners course all necessary equipment is provided for you.

On joining a club, equipment is usually available to hire for a small fee.  This allows you to practice your archery technique and develop your archery muscles. Your club coach will advise you on what equipment you might want to think about buying when you are ready.

HAA Members

Records and Results

For members of Herefordshire Archery Association, county results and county records are available to download. Other county information can be found on the county matters page.

Entry Forms

Entry Forms to some of the open shoots held within the County are now available to download from our entry forms page.


Follow the links below to read our pages on archery rounds and scoring, safety and etiquette.  We also have detailed tables on gaining archery classifications. County pages host Herefordshire Archery Association results and records by bow type and gender.

The 3 logos of Bromyard Bowmen, Hereford Company of Bowmen and Ledbury Archery Club

Archery Clubs in Herefordshire

There are three Archery GB affiliated archery clubs in Herefordshire, Bromyard Bowmen, Hereford Company of Bowmen and Ledbury Archery Club. The latter is the youngest club in the county having only been formed in 2011. Hereford Company of Read more…

month to view calendar

Events Diary

The County Diary is here to guide you towards archery whether you are a seasoned archer or have never lifted a bow in your life! Beginners Courses are regularly held throughout the year or maybe you just fancy having Read more…

archery scoring graphic showing close up of target face with each colour ring and its corresponding score


Imperial rounds are the traditional British rounds, shot at distances measured in yards. The “5-zone” scoring system dates back almost 200 years, being attributed to the then Prince Regent (later King George IV) – traditionalists still refer to Read more…

tag cloud of archery rounds


An archery “Round” is composed of shooting a certain number of arrows (usually measured in dozens), over one or more distances, at differing sizes of target face. There are Imperial Rounds, normally measured in Yards and scored using either Read more…

target face

County Results

PDF files of the results for the County Shoots can be viewed and downloaded here. Read more…

safety first on yellow diamond

Rules of Safety

Archery safety is a vitally important area that every new archer must master. A good beginners course will cover much of the rules concerning safety on and around a shooting line but over time many novice archers are Read more…

Archer and Bowmen Badges 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class

Archery Classifications

As you progress on your archery journey, one way of measuring your progress is through Classification. There are nine different classifications grouped into three tiers.

Read more…

archery etiquette with text that reads "the etiquette of a good archer" with a quarter of a target face


In addition to safety, archery etiquette is another important area that every new archer should master. As a novice archer you will be concentrating on achieving good technique but good etiquette is important too. Remember, “a good archer” should Read more…

a cartoon of a medal

County Records

As your archery improves you will get a classification. This marks your progress and allows you to see how you are doing. Take it a step further and start competing at County Events. Shoot a good score and you Read more…